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This is a forum for Buying,Selling and Trading of guns, ammo and accessories in the Quad City area. Also feel free to ask any questions or if you want some opinions on something gun related. Discussions are welcome just keep conversations clean.

Buyers and Sellers are responsible for following all laws.  Quad city gun forum and its affiliates are not responsible for any transactions. We only provide a place to advertise your items.


1. Must post price and location of item(a picture is nice also)

2. No Bashing if you think the price is high then don't buy it(Do some homework)

Item #3: Illinois residents do not need to go through an FFL. IL to IL transfers need to verify the buyers FOID card at http://www.ispfsb.com, observe the waiting period (72 hrs handgun, 24 hrs long gun) and document the details of the sale (date, make, model, serial #, and FOID numbers, and FOID verification number).

IL to IA and IA to IL transfers must go through an FFL in the buyer's home state.

Any other questions can hopefully be answered here https://ispfsb.com/…/FOID/PersonToPersonFirearmTransfer.aspx

4. Gun dealers(FFL Holders) please only post items for sale in the FFL Section.

5. Please only post gun and gun related items for trade other items will be deleted. If you see a gun or other gun related item you want then you may offer a non gun or non gun item.

A few helpful links.

http://home.nra.org/ The NRA. Do I need to say anymore.

http://bit.ly/1pUDLFA (very long link so I shortend it) A great place for cheap ar-15 parts and some glock parts. They also have lots of other cool stuff.

http://www.ar15.com/forums/ ar-15 forums very helpful website.

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