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Pulse O2DA is a combative firearms training group, which specializes in training and mobilizing individuals, teams, and units to defend life and property.

We offer on-line, on-site, and on-range training packages for the defense of individual, home, business, church, school, and community.

In the QC area we currently offer our Modular Combative Handgun series, as well as an Individual Tactics Program, with Combative Rifle and Shotgun being planned for early 2017.

The Modular Combative series are a comprehensive combative firearms courses for the serious students of personal protection.

The series of courses will gain you the experience needed to safely handle and effectively shoot handguns, rifles, and shotguns, as well as give you a base understanding of the combative skills needed to dominate a lethal force confrontation.

This no-nonsense series will give the novice shooter all the necessary information and stress resistant skills needed to win the fight of their lives, and will help veteran shooters hone their skills to a fine edge.

The Individual Tactics program focuses on handgun proficiency by training students on all the skills found in our Modular courses  and then supplements their training with 25 escalating Reality Based Training or "RBT" scenarios to help stress inoculate the student, greatly improve their gun handling performance, and boosting their confidence in their ability to dominate adversaries under the normally debilitating stress of a lethal force encounter.


RBT is a type of simulation training that prepares an individual for future proper performance through experiential learning (learning by experiencing what violence looks and feels like during a lethal force confrontation). Because of the immersive nature of the training the brain and body can absorb and process the experience as if it were actually occurring to nearly the same degree as if it had been an actual situation. When this happens the student gains invaluable orientation training, thereby programing the student for effective future behavior.

RBT is the pinnacle of firearms training, it is to the gunfighter what TOPGUN is to a fighter pilot. The value of quality RBT training can't be overstated and no self-defense training program can be considered complete without it.

The Basic Individual Tactics program was created for clients with either no prior weapons or force-on-force RBT training experiences on which to build, and who are interested in an accelerated, total-immersion training experience that will leave them supremely confident with their gun handling skills and ability to dominate a lethal force encounter.

I look forward to answering your questions and getting to work with you soon.

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