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I just finished Part 2 of the CCL classes at Shooting Sports in Moline, so I thought I'd share the experience.  First of all, their website really stinks and there was a mixup with scheduling because of it.  If you are interested in taking classes for them, I would highly recommend signing up in person rather than online.

Aside from that, the classes were very good.  I especially enjoyed Part 2 with instructor Mark Schumaker, who really knew his stuff.  The classes we took were on the weekend from 11am-7pm and they provided pizza and drinks for lunch.  Part 1 is the NRA basic pistol course and it's a long 8 hours with material spread out... it's probably 4 hours of material spread out to 8 hours.  Part 2 is the other way around... it's probably much more than 8 hours of material condensed into 8 hours (has a lot of law, use of lethal force analysis, holstering, etc).  There's a discount if you take the classes with a buddy, and they also have a discount for fingerprints if you wish to get them.

I just submitted my application without prints, so I'm not expecting my CCL until some time in mid to late summer.


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Sorry to hear about your sign-up issues, but glad the rest of the experience was good for you.

Mark is a great instructor and the rest of the team is knowledgeable and talented as well.

Now that you have your basic training down, you should go get some firearms training while you wait for your CCL.

SSQC offers more advanced courses, you should ask them about it.

Best of luck.

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