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Team Tactics is easily the most important training event your team will ever take part in. This course will forge life-long emotional bonds with your managers and employees while teaching them the combative skills necessary to defend life and property in case of:

- Active shooter.
- Mob violence.
- Terrorist attack.
- Gang warfare.
- Predatory thugs.

Team Tactics integrates live-fire range training with reality based training or "RBT" (using non-lethal training firearms and live role players) to deliver a world class, unparalleled training experience.

Team Tactics utilizes our innovative pre-course and post-course training resources to deliver a comprehensive firearms training experience including:

- 4-days of integrated range and RBT training (no classroom lectures).
- 14-day pre-course on-line preparation.
- 12-month post-course "Smartsheets" customize training plan.
- On-line reference videos and instructional videos.
- Seven print manuals.
- Supplemental on-line courses.
- Private on-line training group.

Attendees will learn:

- Combative handgun skills and techniques.
- How to work individually and as a team to defend life and property.
- How to develop and operate a private defense network.

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